Department Chair Resources


"S. David Wu"

S. David Wu,
Provost and
Executive Vice President

The role of leading a department is a vital one, at George Mason University as at most institutions. Departmental heads must oversee teaching quality and maintenance or modification of most educational programs, while also combining promotion of faculty governance and evaluation of faculty performance. They must also monitor budgets and staff. And finally, of course, they provide input and suggestions to deans and directors and beyond. Not an easy task, and one that requires responsiveness to an unusual variety of constituencies. George Mason University is fortunate to have dedicated departmental heads and we are committed to providing information and support based on feedback from the trenches.

We are pleased to offer this resource to assist departmental leaders. Whether you are new or experienced in this role, you will find helpful information on this website. It provides links to essential documents, a planning calendar for the year, and outside resources that we will be useful in your role.

We welcome your comments and suggestions, and look forward to working with you to support the university’s departmental leaders in their daily work.

On behalf of the university, we thank you for your leadership and service.