Faculty Research Support

George Mason University provides faculty with opportunities for a variety of internal grants and support for externally funded research.

Internal Funding Opportunities

  • Multidisciplinary Research Initiative seed money is available to support cutting-edge initiatives put forward by multidisciplinary teams of investigators across academic units. Teams can be comprised of Mason faculty, staff, students and/or community partners. Letters of intent and proposals are due in the spring semester; notification will happen in early June. Questions? Contact Dean Ken Ball (703) 993-1498.
  • Research funding is available to tenure-track and tenured faculty in the form of seed grants (to initiate a project for which significant external funding will later be sought) and creative awards (for scholarly and creative work where little extramural support is available).  Applications may be submitted at any time, and notification will be provided in 4-6 weeks.  Questions? Contact Jocelyn Hanly at (703) 993-2268.
  • Summer Research Funding provides support for tenure-track and tenured faculty for research expenses such as travel or research assistance.  Applications are accepted September 1-October 1 of each academic year.  Questions? Contact Jocelyn Hanly at (703) 993-2268.
  • OSCAR Project Scholarship Development Grants provide support for interdisciplinary or co-curricular research projects that include substantial opportunities for undergraduate participation.
  •  OSCAR Curriculum Scholarship Development Grants provide support for faculty seeking to redesign and/or create courses that engage undergraduate students in understanding and participating in research and scholarship.  Application deadlines are in November and March.  Questions? Contact Dr. Bethany Usher at (703) 993-3794.
  • The Center for Global Studies Faculty Research Support Program provides support for tenure-track or tenured faculty for research on the cultural, economic, political, technological, or scientific aspects of globalization.  Applications are due early in the fall semester.   Questions? Contact the Center for Global Studies.
  • The Fenwick Fellow Program provides support for a tenure-track and tenured faculty to pursue a research project drawing from the University Libraries’ resources.   Applications are accepted from March through late April.   Questions? Contact Debra Hogan at (703) 993-2491.

Study Leaves

  • Study Leave for Tenured Faculty provides paid temporary leave for tenured  (or administrative) faculty to advance a scholarly project.  Applications are accepted September 1-October 1 of each academic year.  Questions? Contact Jocelyn Hanly at (703) 993-2268.
  • Study Leave for Tenure-Track Faculty provides paid temporary leave for tenure-track faculty to advance a scholarly project.  Applications are accepted year-round. Questions?  Contact Kimberly Ford at (703) 993-9367.

Other Research Support

The Office of Research provides several kinds of research support for faculty. The Research Development and Sponsored Programs activities can help faculty identify funding sources, develop effective proposals, and administer grants properly.  The Research Integrity and Research Safety areas help ensure that research is conducted with integrity and with great care for both human and animal subjects.  Finally, the Commercialization and Entrepreneurship area can help faculty develop effective means of developing their research findings and preparing them for commercial use.

Questions?  Contact the Office of Research at 703-993-2268.