Mason Core Committee

The Mason Core Committee is a University Standing Committee, with membership and charges defined by the Faculty Senate in collaboration with the Provost.  It oversees the university’s Mason Core program.

2016-2017 Meetings 

January 31 11:00 am Merten Hall  1203

February 16 12:00 pm Merten Hall 3300

March 7 10:00 am Merten Hall 1202

March 21 11:00 am Merten Hall 3300

April 4 11:00 am Merten Hall 3300

May 4 12:00 pm JC Room E

ANNOUNCEMENT: As of 5/23/17 paper submissions will no longer be accepted. All submissions must go through the Courseleaf system. Please direct questions about the submission process to Krista Shires or 703-993-5941. Questions about Courseleaf should be directed to either the Registrar’s Office or the catalog author in your unit.

Committee Members 2016-2017:

  • Bethany Usher –Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education, Chair
  • Dominique Banville – College of Education and Human Development: Recreation, Health & Tourism
  • Melissa Broeckelman-Post – College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Communication
  • Cheryl Druehl– School of Business, Provost’s Appointee
  • Kelly Dunne – College of Humanities and Social Sciences: New Century College
  • Rebecca Ericson – College of Science: Physics, Astronomy, and Computational Science
  • Douglas Eyman – College of Humanities and Social Sciences: English, Provost’s Appointee
  • Stephanie Foster- Undergraduate Education, Ex Officio
  • Tamara Maddox – Volgenau School of Engineering, Computer Science
  • E Shelley Reid  – Center for Teaching & Faculty Excellence, Ex Officio
  • Matthew Scherer– Schar School of Policy and Government
  • Mara Schoeny– School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution
  • Carol Urban – College of Health and Human Services
  • Peter Winant – College of Visual and Performing Arts, School of Art
  • Andrea Weeks– College of Science, Provost’s Appointee

Questions?  Please contact Krista Shires, Staff Assistant, Undergraduate Education at 703-993-5941.