INTO Mason Language Support for Multilingual Faculty/Students

INTO Mason resumed providing language support resources for multilingual faculty and students formerly offered by the English Language Institute.

SPEAK Testing for International Teaching Assistants

New George Mason teaching assistants whose first language is not English are required to take the SPEAK test, which measures a student’s ability to communicate clearly and effectively in spoken English.  The SPEAK test, which is based on the TSE (Test of Spoken English), consists of 10 items, each requiring a different speaking activity.  A score of 50/60 is required; T.A.s who score below 50 receive 12 hours of free tutoring and then can retake the test.

For more information on SPEAK Testing or to set up an appointment, contact the INTO Mason Learning Resource Center at

Support for Multilingual Students (including direct admits)

Faculty and Administrators who are concerned about multilingual students in their departments are invited to contact INTO Mason to discuss available courses and resources to assist individuals or groups of students.

In addition, if a faculty member believes that a student is struggling academically because of English language problems, he or she may refer that student to the INTO Mason Learning Resource Center for assessment and tutoring. Referred students may be matched with tutors who have appropriate training and experience free or at a nominal cost. To refer a student for tutoring, complete the Tutoring Referral Form.

For additional information please contact the INTO Mason Learning Resource Center at