Despite the current economic climate, research universities continue to bear both the historical responsibility of supporting “basic” research for the general advancement of scholarship and human understanding and a duty to strengthen knowledge in ways that improve our physical and environmental health, provide better options in energy resources, and promote global peace and political security.  In addition, research institutions  have a responsibility to train new generations of researchers.

To address these responsibilities, George Mason University has identified six major areas of focus that encourage and support the cross functional use of our intellectual and physical resources:

  • Global Advancement – research on climate, human rights and social justice, globalization, international development, and international policy & politics;
  • Quality of Life – research on aging, biomedical advancements, disability and rehabilitation, health systems and policy, psychiatric interventions, learning and behavior, and neuroscience;
  • Policy & Governance – research on American government and politics, crime and justice, energy policy, and international policy and politics;
  • Complex Systems – research on climate, cybersecurity, geographic information systems, information systems, nanoscience, neuroscience, social complexity, transportation systems, and visualization and gaming;
  • Security – research on cybersecurity, geographic information systems, and national and international systems; and
  • Sustainability – research on climate, energy, the environment, and transportation.

The  Office of Research & Economic Development coordinates the university’s research agenda, supporting faculty in obtaining funding and helping to ensure the quality, integrity, and safety of the research conducted.  The university also places a significant emphasis on developing research activities that are closely integrated with the needs and activities of the Northern Virginia region, and in finding appropriate applications for research that strengthen the university’s strategic position at the intersection between higher education and the broader community.

Questions?  Contact the Office of Research & Economic Development main office at 703-993-2268.