Office of the Provost


All assistant or associate professors appointed to their first tenure-track positions will be granted a one-semester study leave during the first five years of the tenure-track cycle. This leave is designed to assist a tenure-track faculty member in advancing his or her research, scholarly, or creative activities. The timing of this leave will be subject to approval by both the respective local academic unit head and the appropriate Dean/Director. The Office of the Provost will provide one-course matrix replacement funding per granted leave request. This leave policy is not intended to conflict with an existing local academic unit practice; rather than reducing a local academic unit's flexibility, its intent is to enhance and supplement existing practices. During the semester either prior to or succeeding the faculty member's leave, the local academic unit may need to ask the recipient to teach one additional course in order to accommodate this leave. This policy is retroactively effective to initial hires as of academic year 1999.


  • Full-time faculty members who are Assistant or Associate Professors in their first five years of their tenure-track cycle.
  • Individuals whose rank is prefixed with Affiliate, Adjunct, Research, Visiting, or Term are not eligible.

Application Procedures

  • Complete the application form.
  • The form should be routed through the Department Chair, where applicable, then through the Dean/Director to Kim Ford in the Office of the Provost, Mason Hall D109, MSN 3A2.

Before the semester that the study leave is taken, administrators in the faculty member's department should send a transaction form indicating the leave to Human Resources through the Provost Office.