Academic Agreement and Project Advisory Group (AAPAG)

AAPAG streamlines the review process for complex academic agreements, such as dual degree arrangements or those with complex administrative and legal components.

AAPAG comprises representatives of key administrative offices, and functions in both informal and formal ways.  Faculty and administrators proposing complex agreements may bring materials to AAPAG for early guidance about how best to proceed with developing the project, or the group may meet in order to resolve administrative conflicts that have emerged in the normal electronic agreement review (e-MOU) process.   It provides the opportunity to work out questions or concerns with multiple parties all at once.

AAPAG’s core members include:

  • Eve Dauer – Registrar
  • Cody Edwards – Associate Provost for Graduate Education
  • Renate Guilford – Associate Provost for Enrollment Planning & Administration
  • Michelle Marks – Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Janette Muir – Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education
  • David Moore – Interim Assistant Vice President & Chief Budget Officer
  • Pat Quinn – Director of Student Fiscal Services
  • Claudia Rector – Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs
  • James Russell – Assistant Director, Purchasing
  • Solon Simmons, Vice President, Global Strategy
  • Amy Takayama-Perez – Dean, Office of Admissions
  • Brian Walther – Senior Associate University Counsel
  • Cindy Zema – Special Projects & Contracts Manager, Office of University Counsel

As needed:

  • Eileen Gallagher – Associate Director for Contracts, Office of Sponsored Programs
  • Judith Green – Director for International Programs & Services
  • Veronica Kayne – Director, Office of Technology Transfer
  • Mike Laskofski – Associate Vice President of Research Operations, Office of Sponsored Programs
  • Sarah Seeberg, Director, Creative Services
  • Julie Zobel – Assistant Vice President for Environmental Health & Safety


Questions?   Please contact Claudia Rector, Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs, at 703-993-8679.