Career, Industry, and Entrepreneurship (ENTR)

Career, Industry, and Entrepreneurship (ENTR)

Students see a problem as an opportunity to recommend a policy, start a business, create a prototype, or participate in their future profession. A Mason Impact +ENTR experience provides the opportunity for students to identify and address problems and challenges within a professional context.

In an MI+ENTR experience students may engage in:

  • The application of theory, skills, or ideas in a new or innovative way to solve the grand challenges of the world.
  • Professional experience opportunities through internships, practicums, or student teaching.
  • The expansion of the student’s professional network

Student projects in an MI+ENTR course or co-curricular experience may come in the form of a(n):

  • New invention or product.
  • Roadmap to a new business, organization, or initiative.
  • Portfolio or reflection completed while taking part in a professional experience.


Bee Initative
Honey Bee Initiative

German Perilla, fellow in the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and faculty member with the School of Business and College of Science, works with Fairfax County for the Honey Bee Initiative installing an apiary and planting wildflowers to rehabilitate part of the I-95 landfill. 

Photo credit:
Photo credit
Evan Cantwell/Creative Services/George Mason University