Supporting Mason's thriving academic community requires administrative diligence and discipline. The Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President empowers decision makers who shape the academic environment.

Consistent Messaging, Supportive Leadership

As administrators, our goal is to provide clear, collaborative, and actionable policies that remove impediments to student and faculty success.

Administrative personnel at a large university such as Mason take on a wide range of demanding tasks.

Duties such as course and program approvals, budgets, workload planning, marketing campaigns, personnel management, enrollment targeting affect the student experience in significant ways.

The more we can unify these practices around providing the best return on a student’s investment of time, trust, and resources, the greater the outcome for our university as a whole.

 David Wu speaks to faculty and staff at a Prince William Campus Town Hall

Faculty and staff at a Prince William Campus Town Hall.

Our Decisions Matter

When students choose Mason, they're trusting us with their futures. As stewards of that trust, we must see the big picture and the impact our decisions will have. Those decisions will chart the course of an academic journey, which could determine someone's success or failure. We must get it right. 

Mason nursing students learn how to set a broken leg
Teaching in the Field

Nursing students get hands-on experience in clinical labs. ​Emboldening our students to rise to the challenges of our future demands that we provide experiential instruction and the critical tools they need to thrive in their chosen fields.​