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Faculty Research Support

Mason offers faculty several avenues of support for research development and funding. The university, which holds a Carnegie Research 1 (R-1) ranking, will help you get the resources you need to conduct world-class work.

Office of Research Development, Integrity, and Assurance

RDIA has established policies, procedures, and training sessions to ensure compliance with federal, state, university, and local regulations. Mason is committed to the highest ethical standards in research and scholarship.

The office provides information about external funding opportunities and helps researchers develop high-quality proposals, sponsored projects, and translational activities. RDIA also helps multidisciplinary teams come together within Mason and with external partners, and helps create effective collaborative proposals. 

Office of Sponsored Programs

OSP supports external funding for research, provides guidance on budget proposals, and reviews cost-sharing agreements and contracts. OSP assists proposal budget development and submission by:

  • Reviewing, negotiating, and executing Mason contracts that involve sponsored projects.
  • Collaborating with researchers and administrators to coordinate institutional cost-sharing, contractual terms, and budget matters.
  • Coordinating account changes.
  • Communicating with sponsors.
  • Alerting researchers about new or revised federal and state laws, rules, and regulations.

Office of Research Computing

The ORC supports on-campus research computing resourcesgrid and cloud computing, and research computing support services. Research resources include:

Research Development

Research Development helps researchers find, develop, and pursue financial backing for individual projects and team-based initiatives. Services include: