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Faculty Resources

Mason values the level of expertise and passion for learning our faculty provide our students in building a fulfilling academic experience. 

It Takes a Village...

Working at George Mason University is a collaborative experience. Having the correct resource at your fingertips is invaluable to a productive work experience.

For information on faculty orientations, please visit For New Faculty

The Essentials:

Emergency Preparedness and Notification

Human Resources
  • Your academic unit will work with the Office of the Provost and HR & Payroll to set up the administrative details of your faculty appointment. Information about faculty appointments, including faculty salary minimums, submission of transcripts, and offer letters are all available.

Teaching Resources

Required Training

  • All new faculty are required to take the Title IX Overview and Sexual Harassment Prevention training offered by the Office of Compliance, Diversity, and Ethics. This page has information on how to register for online training sessions on active shooters, terrorism and security, and workplace violence and prevention. 
  • Visit Human Resources and Payroll for a full list of required trainings. 

We're Here for the Students...

Student Support Resources on Campus

Mason takes the well being of our students seriously. The Stearns Center maintains a list of student support resources on campus. We recommend you become familiar with what is available, so you are prepared should the need arise. 

Student Behaviors of Concern

Disruptions to the learning environment caused by student behavior are harmful and cause for concern. When you notice a pattern, or something catches your attention, please know that our administration takes these matters seriously. This guide is designed to be a helpful resource.