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Internal Funding

Funding makes it more possible to challenge unproven theorems, find answers to plaguing questions, and enrich the depth of knowledge in our scholarly community.

Mason's Office of the Provost is proud to oversee and administer a wide variety of funding initiatives that recognize the achievements of our stellar faculty. With a commitment to fairness, transparency, and the peer review process, we forge ahead to a future of renewed possibilities.

Funding opportunities abound through a variety of channels including:

Office of the Provost

Multidisciplinary Research Initiative

This competitive and collaborative program awards funding cross-disciplinary research projects formed along a strategic theme. This initiative activates the Mason strategic goal of advancing research findings across multiple schools and departments

Study Leave for Tenured Faculty

Provides paid temporary leave for the support of advancing scholarly research, teaching, and/or creative activity, including development of innovative teaching approaches and methods.

Application or Nomination Due: October

Application or Nomination Criteria:
• Curriculum Vitae (Past Period of Performance)
• Project Proposal
• Study Leave Report (if applicable)
• Dean’s Letter of Support
• Institutional Permission (if applicable)

Decision Making Criteria
Study leaves will be awarded on the basis of either the collective record of high quality past performance or of an exceptional record in any of the categories of past performance.Composition of Review Team
Final decisions are made by the Dean of the unit.

Curriculum Impact Grants

As a commitment to offer every student a transformative learning experience, Mason is providing funds for the creation of multidisciplinary projects through Curriculum Impact Grants proposed by Mason faculty and students.


Grant proposal deadline: June 1, 2018
Award notices sent out: June 18, 2018 (tentative)
Grant work begins: July 1, 2018


An Invitation from Provost David Wu

Today’s college graduates face a remarkably different world than their predecessors. Critical thinking, flexibility, creativity and resourcefulness are essential to success in the world beyond academia. Solving global problems requires perspectives from multiple disciplines. Mason’s Strategic Plan responds to these needs by setting a goal for 75 percent or more of undergraduate students to pursue projects that deploy these skills in real-world challenges crossing traditional university disciplines. Projects are intended to solve high-impact problems with global consequences, such as sustainability, urban resilience, public health, etc.

The Mason Impact initiative was created as a commitment to offer every student a transformative learning experience. All Mason students will have the opportunity to engage in a significant inquiry- and project-based, challenge-driven experience. By integrating classroom study with learning in a wide range of scholarly, community and professional settings, Mason Impact prepares students to pose a meaningful question, solve a problem and create new knowledge. It is a continuation of Mason’s efforts in establishing a culture of multidisciplinary collaboration and transformative learning.

In support of the initiative, the Office of the Provost established Curriculum Impact Grants to fund innovative new ideas for multidisciplinary curricula collaboration. The 2017-2018 Impact Grants funded 16 highly competitive faculty proposals. For the 2018-2019 cycle, the Curriculum Impact Grants target teams of faculty, staff and administrators designing innovative curricular modules. Undergraduate programs should include a Mason Impact project, while graduate programs should have an inquiry-based experience appropriate to the program. The course module should be part of a current or new program that is either a major or minor, with active collaboration between multiple Mason units.

Curriculum Impact Grant proposals are due June 1st, 2018 and the details for submission are available at the Undergraduate Education website. You can also learn more about the Mason Impact Initiative.

4-VA Collaborative

Provides support for collaborative research that crosses institutional boundaries; STEM initiatives (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math); and course redesign. Funded and supported by the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Office of the Provost oversees the 4-VA grant program at Mason.

Office of Student Scholarship, Creative Activities, and Research (OSCAR)

Summer Impact Grants
Provide support for summer research projects based around a central theme, question, or problem. Projects will be run by at least two faculty members and include from four to ten undergraduate students.

University Libraries

Fenwick Fellow Program Provides support to Mason faculty members who pursue a research project that uses and enhances the University Libraries’ resources while advancing knowledge in his or her field.

Distinguished Library Faculty Award – Recognizes a library faculty for their exceptional performance in their scholarship and service.

University Life

University Life Faculty Fellows Program – Provides support for Mason faculty to collaborate with University Life departments on projects that connect faculty interests and expertise with University Life and student needs.

University Life Programming Grants – Provide support to programs that build community; promote faculty/staff/student interactions; celebrate cultural diversity; use the institution’s technology resources; increase collaboration across units within the university; and coordinate and align with University Life events.