Faculty Recruitment

Recruiting Procedures and Management

All hiring for faculty positions, whether instructional, research, or administrative, must be initiated via eWork, which includes information about the process, advertising costs, and options. When you have determined the best candidate, the university has set up a process to follow, which depends on what kind of appointment the faculty member will have.

Mason has deadlines for appointment and reappointment of term faculty. Those on on multi-year contracts are evaluated for reappointment during the final year of their initial appointment.

Timetable for single-year contracts:
  • By mid-December: Written notification from the dean/director of reappointment or non-reappointment for single-year contracts.
  • By early March: Written notification from the Dean/Director of reappointment or non-reappointment for initial single year contracts.
Timetable for multi-year contracts:
  • By early November/mid-March: Recommendation memo of reappointment or non-reappointment. If promotion is being recommended, casebook is due. All materials should be submitted to Kimberly Ford in the Office of the Provost.
  • By mid-December/early May: The Provost will act on the recommendation for reappointment, non-reappointment, and/or promotion. The term faculty member will be notified in writing.

Adjunct faculty are hired through pooled position numbers. Departments don't need a unique position number to hire someone. 

Equitable Recruitment and Hiring of Faculty:

Access tools to plan, conduct, and evaluate faculty searches in a way that will lead to more equitable processes and more diverse candidate pools via Faculty Recruitment Tips and Tools.

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Access the Talent Acquisition Toolkit

The Toolkit is a structured resource to guide hiring managers and search committee members through the policies and workflows of a recruitment search.​