Subsidized Graduate Student Health Insurance Unit Representatives

Unit Representative and Contact Information
College of Education & Human Development Jackie Anderson, 703-993-2003
College of Health and Human Services Holly Park, 703-993-9872
College of Humanities and Social Sciences Sarah Fink-Youngbar, 703-993-8733
College of Science Ryan Wetter, 703-993-5074
College of Visual and Performing Arts Asma Omarzad, 703-993-9773
School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution Julie Shedd, 703-993-3650
Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study Jane Wendelin, 703-993-4409
School of Policy, Government and International Affairs Elizabeth Eck, 703-993-8225
Volgenau School of Engineering Nicole Holiday, 703-993-3394
Presidential Scholars Akitta Robertson, 703-993-8912