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Online Virginia Network
Online Virginia Network

Learn how the programs offered via the Online Virginia Network can set you on the path to completing your degree without losing momentum in your busy life.


Life happens; and when it does, finishing a degree doesn't necessarily fit into a contiguous four-year plan. That is why George Mason University has teamed up with Old Dominion University to create the Online Virginia Network – a brand new solution for undergraduate degree completion.

The Online Virginia Network simplifies the enrollment process and offers students additional options for pursuing a four-year degree. With the support and power of the Commonwealth of Virginia behind it, the Online Virginia Network promises to help Virginians achieve their higher learning goals while still fitting into the demands of a working adult life.

The network brings a selection of Mason and ODU online programs to one site. Students have the option of earning a degree from George Mason University or Old Dominion University online in their choice of program.

The Online Virginia Network provides opportunities to earn online degrees in the following high-demand fields such as:

Education Within Reach

Saving on on-campus tuition costs is one of the many benefits of learning online. The Online Virginia Network offers a net cost calculator to help our students plan and understand the financial considerations of degree completion.

Online Learning With a Degree of Distinction

A degree from the Online Virginia Network represents the same accomplishment as its on-campus counterpart. The coursework and expectations are the same. Students can expect to engage with classmates via online discussion boards, submit papers and projects, give presentations, and sit for exams. The programs are designed to foster success with online learners. Time management and commitment are the keys to doing well.

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