Summer Team Impact Projects

Mason Impacts Students. Students Impact the World.

Summer Team impact Projects

Summer Team Impact Projects tackle global questions and challenges within all three areas of Mason impact.  Faculty present a question to a team of undergraduate students who work throughout the summer to create a solution and then present their findings, their action plan, or their prototype to the Mason community.

Faculty Information

Faculty will have the opportunity to work with colleagues and a team of undergraduate students on a question, challenge, or topic, of personal and professional interest. The undergraduate students can advance your current research, investigate a potential new research avenue, or work with a community-identified project. You are welcome to publish or present the results of this work (with the student's co-authorship) beyond Mason, and you’ll receive a stipend for your efforts!

The Office of Undergraduate Education will meet with the accepted faculty in January to go over the program goals and student recruitment, and again in April to go over the summer timeline and share resources for a successful project.

Summer Team Impact Grant Proposal Details

2022 Proposal Announcement

The Office of the Provost is excited to offer grants for Summer Team Impact Projects (STIP) for Summer 2022. The Offices of Undergraduate Education, OSCAR, and CECiL will fund multidisciplinary summer projects of undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty members. These projects will explore a central theme, a research question, or a community identified problem. Proposals focusing on the UN Global Goals or Anti-Racist Community Engagement are encouraged. The deadline for proposals is December 3, 2021.

Proposal Submission Guidelines

To submit go to  

After visiting the link above, folow these three steps to submit your proposal. 

Step 1: Add Contact Information, Project Summary, and upload Narrative (see below) 

Step 2: Acknowledge that you have read and agree to the important additional considerations (found on step 2) 

Step 3: Enter Budget 

  • Mentor Stipends - $9,000 for total with no more than $3,000 per mentor. (Please include each mentor who will be paid) 

  • Graduate Students - $6,000 for a single graduate student 

  • Undergraduate Students: $4,000 each for participating undergraduate students (6-10 per grant). Please provide the number of expected students in the comment section and the total funds required to fund those students in the amount field. 

  • Supplies: up to $4,000. Please list items and approximate costs. 

Outline for the Narrative Portion of the Proposal

Narrative of no more than four pages that address all the following in a single PDF file: 

  • Overview of the central question and project 

  • Timeline for the 10-week program.   

    • This should include a first-week student boot camp and enrichment activities for the participating students. 

  • The uniqueness of Project 

    • If you have received funding for a previous Summer Team Impact Project, please tell us how this project differs. 

  • Involvement of Campus Partners 

    • Tell us how you are connecting with campus partners such as the library and research centers 

  • Student Recruitment Plan  

    • How are you going to find and recruit the student participants? 

    • A Position Description for the undergraduate student researchers, which will be posted on Handshake 

Enslaved Children of George Mason
Enslaved Children of George Mason

Students look through the archives at Gunston hall researching the enslaved children of George Mason as part of a Summer Team Impact Project.

Photo credit:
Photo credit
Evan Cantwell/Creative Services

Student Information

You will have the opportunity to learn to tackle a global question or challenge while working on a team. You will contribute to the creation of an original scholarly work that can change our understanding of the world, change a community, or develop a prototype..

Interested in participating in a Summer Team Impact Project:

  • Summer projects are announced in January, if you see an interesting project listed later on this page, reach out to one of the faculty on the team and share your interest.
  • In February, the position descriptions for all of the summer teams will be listed on Handshake.  Apply to the teams that interest you.