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Multidisciplinary Research

George Mason University's success and reputation as a Carnegie classified Research One institution is built on our strong tradition of multidisciplinary practice. 

Mason's research contributes solutions to complex global challenges through a multidisciplinary approach. Illuminating new paths in science, sustainability, and healthcare requires knowledge from a variety of fields. The Multidisciplinary Research Initiative through the Office of the Provost presents a major question to the on-campus research community, and through a formal review process, grants seed money for winning research proposals submitted by teams comprised of researchers with varying backgrounds.

This innovative approach pushes new avenues into scholarly publication, as new voices are added to the conversation. Researchers can collaborate with experts in other fields to build new approaches and make new discoveries.

Two researchers sitting in discussion.

Bringing together researchers of varying backgrounds enriches the conversation and powers innovation.

Centers of Innovation

The Institute for Biomedical Innovation, one of Mason's dedicated multidisciplinary research centers, brings researchers into partnership with Inova Health System to focus on brain function and disease, cardiac and metabolic disease, and cancer. Monitoring and caring for these complex body systems and their nuanced biology requires expertise from fields such as systems biology, biochemistry, bioengineering, computer science, biostatistics, molecular biology, epidemiology, public health, health administration and policy, psychology, neuroscience, and bioethics. Housing this type of research in a dedicated space is vital to success and completion of major projects.