Patriot Connect (Salesforce)

George Mason University is implementing Patriot Connect, formerly known as the Salesforce project, as the system of engagement across the institution for the student journey.

The Salesforce project is now Patriot Connect!

The shift to a single platform will streamline university data and technology systems to create a more connected student experience. This marks an institution-wide transformation in the way we approach technology solutions across academic and administrative offices.

Our students are at the core of what we do here at Mason, and the move to Patriot Connect will allow us to modernize the student experience to better enable success by providing simplified and efficient student services.

Watch this video introduction to the program or access the presentation directly to learn more about the future of Patriot Connect at Mason.



The shift to Patriot Connect will lead to simplified and efficient student services. Students will be able to access a unified platform, leading to a more seamless and user-friendly experience. This consolidation will reduce confusion and improve overall student satisfaction. 

Student Success, replacing Navigate, will make it easier for students to seek guidance, build connections, and stay on track academically. Recruitment and Admissions will enhance engagement between the university and applicants, providing future students with clear communication throughout the decision-making process. 


Faculty will have access to more comprehensive data about their students, enabling them to provide more informed guidance and interventions. This holistic view of student progress will allow faculty to contribute more effectively to students' academic success. 


Patriot Connect will help streamline Mason’s data systems, leading to increased efficiency in administrative processes. Staff will be able to access and manage student information more effectively which will result in a better student experience. 



Mason is partnering with Accenture to embark on a robust engagement strategy to gather necessary business requirements, host design sessions with stakeholders from across the university, and successfully customize and operationalize these tools for the Mason environment.

The Patriot Connect program is divided into three phases:

Pre-Implementation Phase

Spring through fall 2023 

  • Mason gathering business requirements for immediately impacted users  
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) – launching an RFP process to secure an implementation partner 

Implementation Phase (IN PROCESS)

Winter 2024

  • Gather necessary business requirements 
  • Host design sessions with stakeholders from across the university 
  • Customize and operationalize these tools for the Mason environment 

Launch and Process Improvement Phase

First release planned for spring 2024

Contact Us

Members of the Mason community who would like to be engaged in future stakeholder conversations, sign up for program notifications, or ask a specific question should complete the Patriot Connect Stakeholder Engagement Form.

If you have any general inquiries, please contact the Patriot Connect program management team.

To find the point of contact for your user community, refer to the table below. Reach out directly to your designated point of contact to learn more about how you can get involved, as the process may vary for each user community.

User Community   Point of Contact (POC) 
Enrollment Management Andrew Bunting
University Life Casey Machuga
Undergraduate Education* Sylvia Lee
Graduate Education* Stephanie Bluth
Continuing and Professional Education Sarah Hott
Costello College of Business Kevin Brown
Bradley Morris

*Faculty and advisors are asked to reach out to the graduate or undergraduate education points of contact to be connected to the liaison for their college or school.