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Student Experience Redesign Project

Envisioning the Future

Female student with mirrored sunglasses reflects a classmate in a George Mason University T-shirt

Students come first.

The George Mason University 10-year strategic plan sets forth clear features of what it means to be a "university for the world" -- one that views the student as central to the scholarly environment.

Fulfillment of the strategic goals of this initiative will:

  • Increase enrollment of high-potential students who contribute to our diversity
  • Increase graduation rates, including raising the six-year graduation rate to 78 percent
  • Improve retention while reducing the time it takes to attain a degree.

The first critical step is to acknowledge that there is no longer a stereotypical “college co-ed.”

At Mason, a diverse student body is at the core of our strength and success as a university.

Compared to the national average, a greater percentage of our students:

  • carry full or part-time jobs while attending college
  • are first-generation college students
  • cope with physical and mental health challenges
  • come from outside of the United States

Regardless of student background, we must modernize our service to meet the needs, preferences, and expectations of the 21st-century university student. Delivering on these expectations will enable student success, generate a long-lasting sense of belonging, and improve retention and graduation rates.

By 2019

As an evolving process, the Student Experience Redesign Project will deploy new practices and policies designed to realign our university operations toward providing students with a transformational learning experience. Their experience at Mason will help them grow as individuals, scholars, and professionals.

We're Focusing On

Student Care: All prospective and current students should experience proactive and nurturing assistance from Mason via consistent, coherent, and coordinated interactions, services, and contact points across the institution.

Student Access: Regardless of field of study, location, time, learning path, or desired degree level, all students should have access to and feel part of an inclusive, transparent community of scholars, educators, and innovators, united by a holistic, modern and shared experience — what makes Mason, Mason.

Student Voice: Students should have an active and vibrant voice in shaping and contributing to the evolution of Mason's shared experience, its expression, and our evolving vision.

We're in Good Company

Universities throughout the nation are mobilizing to modernize the student experience.

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