Reminder: Please be flexible with students and health concerns


During the height of the pandemic, George Mason University requested that Mason faculty take students at their word when reporting they contracted COVID-19 and respond with compassion and understanding, as well as flexibility in accepting late assignments. COVID cases continue to be reported and faculty are again asked to follow this guidance. As COVID is contagious, students who have tested positive should not be required to attend any on campus course-related activities such as presentations or exams. Faculty are asked to be innovative in working with those individuals in a case-by-case manner. 

As the school year progresses, influenza and other illnesses or medical concerns will impact the campus community. Faculty are encouraged to remind students that if they experience long-term illnesses for time away from class for recovery outside of COVID which will impact their ability to participate in courses, they will need to produce documentation from their primary care physician.   

Faculty are encouraged to speak with their department chairs if they have questions.