Mason partners with Accenture to transform the student journey

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George Mason University is partnering with Accenture to implement Salesforce Education Cloud, a system that will streamline the student journey, improve communications, and make university operations more efficient and user-friendly.

Imagine a university experience where every step of your academic journey is seamlessly integrated—from the moment you apply to the day you graduate. Through a new partnership with Accenture, George Mason University is set to make this a reality by implementing Salesforce Education Cloud beginning this year.

The collaboration is a critical next step in advancing the university’s ongoing efforts to refine and improve the student journey. “We are excited to embark on this journey with Accenture,” said Renate Guilford, vice president for academic administration and co-chair of the Salesforce Executive Committee. “Together we’ll build an integrated system that will not only enhance Mason’s technological framework, but also places our students at the heart of our operations.” 

Salesforce Education Cloud is a cloud-based system designed to streamline different facets of student lifecycle management, from enrollment to alumni engagement. Working closely with Mason faculty and staff, Accenture will help customize technology systems to address the university’s needs.  

“Our goal is to help the university transform the student experience and provide Mason’s dedicated faculty and staff with a dynamic system that enables a more engaged, personalized, and efficient educational journey for every student,” said David Metnick, Accenture public sector and education lead for Virginia. 

Accenture will play a pivotal role in seamlessly integrating the new technology into existing Mason infrastructure. This integration serves a dual purpose: to consolidate student data and to streamline operational processes. The aim is to make university operations more efficient, creating a cohesive and responsive environment for all stakeholders. 

“This transformation will create a more consistent applicant and student experience, improve collaboration across the university, and ensure Mason is able to make use of Salesforce’s new Education Cloud solutions,” said Guilford.  

The partnership is planning a phased approach to integration. In early phases, it will focus on creating a solid foundation for student data and implementing student success processes. Future phases will address recruitment, admissions, and a yet-to-be-determined mass communications and marketing tool to support the Student Success and Recruitment and Admissions tools.  

To further detail the impact of Salesforce at Mason, the university has released a brief video presentation detailing the anticipated improvements to the student journey. Additionally, faculty, staff, and students can visit the Salesforce webpage for demonstrations on the two new tools being implemented, Student Success and Recruitment and Admissions


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