Mason Vision Series

Marvin Lewis and Craig Esherick to address The New Business of College Sports: Changes Shaking the Foundation of Intercollegiate Athletics on October 10.

Collaborative Research Awards

4-VA@Mason recently announced the Collaborative Research Awards for the 2023-24 academic year with 10 projects spearheaded by Mason faculty and eight for Mason faculty as co-PIs

Spring 2023 Textbook Orders

To ensure students receive their course materials prior to the start of the Spring 2024 semester, faculty should submit their textbook orders to the bookstore by Wednesday, Nov. 1.

FAFSA Changes

The FAFSA is changing; here’s what you need to know


Great Happens

What’s our idea of tradition? Challenge convention, defy expectations, and set goals that some might say are unobtainable. Then prove them wrong. At Mason, we don’t do ordinary. And we don’t do predictable. We leave that to others. Instead, we do great. How? This is how.

Upcoming Dates