During COVID-19

Receive guidance for instructional continuity and navigating the changes brought about by the novel coronavirus.

Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

Mason’s QEP topic: Transformative Education through Anti-Racist Community Engagement

Multi-Dimensional Learning

Mason undergraduates branch out beyond their disciplines to explore other modes of thought.

Elevating Access

We're building new pathways for students entering the university through unique degree completion solutions and expedited admission from community college.

Impactful Hands-On Learning

Mason's undergraduate curriculum offers students opportunities to engage with their chosen field well before graduation.


Great Happens

What’s our idea of tradition? Challenge convention, defy expectations, and set goals that some might say are unobtainable. Then prove them wrong. At Mason, we don’t do ordinary. And we don’t do predictable. We leave that to others. Instead, we do great. How? This is how.

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