Provost's Newsletter Submissions

Welcome to the Provost's Newsletter submissions form—your platform to share and contribute the latest insights, achievements, and updates shaping our vibrant academic community.

The deadline for submissions is noon on the first and third Fridays of the month.

Do you have information or a story you would like to see featured in the Provost's Newsletter? Below are some important notes and general criteria for you to review before submitting your request. 

    General Criteria

    Criteria for submissions to the Provost's Newsletter include relevance to the academic community, significance of achievements or insights, alignment with the Newsletter's objectives, accuracy of information, and adherence to the above-listed deadlines.

    Accepted newsletter submissions typically include faculty or student spotlights, research information or outcomes, items that impact teaching, etc. Announcement descriptions must not exceed 500 words and high resolution photos are encouraged.

    Items not shared in the newsletter include: events (unless under the direction of the president or provost); trainings; requests for participation in studies; items meant for students; or announcements from sources outside of George Mason University.

    Important Notes

    • Submissions are subject to review and editing by Provost’s Office staff
    • Individuals who submit information are responsible for the accuracy, timeliness, and reliability of submitted material
    • It may not be possible to publish all items received
    • Flyers will not be accepted as submissions
    • Web links may be provided for additional information, however individual offices and departments are responsible for hosting and maintaining them
    • Links to charts and forms may be included as part of the announcement

    Submission Form

    A link to a submission form for sharing news items and other content is located below. Contact Pam Shepherd, Director of Communications for the Office of the Provost, if you have any questions or concerns about the process.