Faculty Affairs and Development

Faculty Affairs and Development provides support programs to help faculty members improve their teaching, research, and service skills.

About Us

Faculty Affairs and Development aims to improve faculty excellence, equity, and well-being through various programs that support career growth and acknowledge achievements. Our research-based policies, practices, and resources are designed to support Mason faculty members in all stages of their careers, regardless of their role or appointment type.  

We accomplish this by: 

  • Supporting faculty recruitment, development, and retention 
  • Cultivating and supporting faculty leadership and development 
  • Collaborating with faculty to implement supportive policies and practices 
  • Managing the Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning—a centralized resource for promoting teaching excellence and innovation 

How We Support Students

  • Facilitate student access to a broad range of perspectives and experiences by promoting a diverse faculty 
  • Provide the best possible education to Mason students by helping faculty members improve their teaching skills 
  • Create a more stable and predictable academic environment for students by supporting the retention and engagement of faculty members 
  • Help graduate students with teaching support and professional development opportunities

How We Support Faculty

  • Provide resources and support—workshops, training sessions, and other professional development activities—to help faculty improve their teaching and research 
  • Offer guidance and support to faculty in preparing promotion and tenure dossiers 
  • Promote diversity and inclusion among faculty by administering faculty diversity, equity, inclusion, and well-being initiatives
  • Support the retention and engagement of faculty members

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