Research, Innovation, and Economic Impact

The Office of Research, Innovation, and Economic Impact fuels Mason's research enterprise and drives economic prosperity through transformative ideas and collaborations.

About Us

The Office of Research, Innovation, and Economic Impact (ORIEI) is responsible for supporting Mason’s research enterprise, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, and driving economic growth through strategic partnerships and initiatives.  

ORIEI supports Mason by: 

  • Ensuring research activities adhere to ethical guidelines, regulatory requirements, and institutional policies 
  • Helping faculty and researchers identify and secure external grants and funding to support their research projects
  • Assisting in the protection of intellectual property and facilitate the transfer of technology and knowledge from the university to the private sector for commercialization 
  • Fostering an entrepreneurial culture by providing resources and support for those interested in launching their own ventures 
  • Nurturing partnerships with industry leaders, facilitating collaborations that leverage university expertise and resources to drive innovation and economic impact 
  • Establishing innovation hubs that provide a collaborative space for researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals to work together on innovative projects 

How We Support Students

  • Provide resources, mentorship, and guidance for students with entrepreneurial aspirations to launch their own start-ups or innovative ventures 
  • Offer opportunities for students to collaborate with industry partners on projects that bridge academic research and real-world applications 
  • Organize workshops, seminars, and networking events to enhance skills, expand knowledge, and connect with professionals in students’ fields of interest

How We Support Faculty

  • Offer guidance and support in securing research grants and funding from external sources 
  • Provide assistance in navigating grant application processes, increasing the chances of success 
  • Assist faculty in protecting and commercializing their intellectual property 
  • Facilitate the transfer of innovative technologies to industry partners for possible commercialization 
  • Help faculty navigate complex research compliance issues

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