University Life

University Life cultivates an environment that nurtures students’ personal growth, empowers diverse voices, fosters lifelong connections, and instills a sense of belonging and Mason pride.

About Us

University Life is dedicated to empowering students for success by providing student support services, campus engagement opportunities, and a range of programs that promote academic achievement, personal well-being, and career readiness. We foster a vibrant and inclusive student community that upholds the values of academic integrity, well-being, and diversity. 

With more than 30 offices, University Life aims to:  

  • Provide comprehensive support services, including counseling, health resources, academic advising, and career guidance  
  • Promote student engagement and involvement in campus life by organizing activities that foster a sense of community, encourage social connections, and provide opportunities for leadership development  
  • Offer resources and programs that assist students in developing skills, exploring career paths, and connecting with internship and job opportunities 
  • Create an inclusive campus environment that celebrates and respects individual differences 
  • Support students in achieving academic success by providing academic resources, study skills workshops, tutoring services, and peer mentoring programs 

How We Support Students

  • Help students navigate transitions throughout their Mason experience  
  • Create opportunities and communities for student involvement and engagement with peers, faculty, staff, and administrators   
  • Promote wellness, healthy lifestyle choices, and a culture of safety   
  • Empower students to be socially conscious leaders and promote democratic and civic engagement

How We Support Faculty

  • Offer opportunities for faculty to learn about and collaborate with University Life staff on initiatives that enhance student engagement and campus life 
  • Act as a bridge between faculty and students, offering resources for student support and well-being; faculty can refer students to appropriate services, such as counseling or academic advising, ensuring that students receive the assistance they need to succeed academically and personally 

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