Mason Core

Students seeking a bachelor’s degree at George Mason University must complete the Mason Core. These courses and related experiences are the foundation of a student’s academic career at the university.

The Mason Core complements work in a student’s chosen area of study. Core classes encourage learning and discovery, introducing students to potential new areas of interest and building tools for success in their lives and careers after college.

The Mason Graduate is an Engaged Citizen and Well-Rounded Scholar who is Prepared to Act. The Mason Core is Mason’s general education program that builds the foundation for The Mason Graduate. The Mason Core is a set of required courses that create the foundation of your undergraduate degree. All undergraduates seeking a baccalaureate degree must complete Mason Core requirements. The Mason Core provides a breadth of liberal education courses, complementing the depth of knowledge and skills you build in their majors and minors. The Mason Core helps you become a Mason Graduate: an engaged, well-rounded scholar who is prepared to act.

The Mason Core is divided into three sections: Foundation, Exploration, and Integration (formerly named Foundation, Core and Synthesis/Capstone).

Foundation courses strengthen your foundation in key knowledge and skills needed for academic success. Exploration courses provide a breadth of learning across the university. Integration courses include upper-division courses that are designed to integrate knowledge and skills learned from Foundation and Exploration courses into learning in the major. Courses in each category are guided by specific student learning outcomes that are assessed on a regular basis through the student academic experience.

For certain degrees or majors, specific courses are used to fulfill the Mason Core. Please see the Catalog and your academic advisor to understand the specific requirements for your academic program.

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