Professional Licensure & Certifications

Does My Program Meet the Educational Requirements for Licensure in My State?

The below Licensure Disclosure Tool will help determine if a program meets the educational requirements for licensure/certification in your state. States and territories can have different licensure/certification requirements. Mason researches state-specific requirements for each of its programs that prepare you for licensure and provides the best assessment possible based upon available information. Other requirements, including professional examinations, background checks, professional experience, etc. may apply. Some professional examinations may have specific prerequisites in order to sit for the examination.

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Confirm with Your Licensing Agency

Students interested in academic programs that may allow them to pursue professional licensure/certification are advised to review the disclosure statement for their state/program combination and to contact the appropriate licensing agency for further information prior to enrolling in the program. Students should also be aware that licensure requirements are subject to change and will vary by state. Students who relocate or plan to relocate should consult the Licensure Disclosure Tool, contact the licensing agency of the state to which they are considering relocating, and notify Mason’s Office of the University Registrar of any change to their permanent address upon relocation.

International Locations

Students in other countries should note that it is the student’s responsibility to determine whether or not completion of their program of choice at George Mason University will fulfill the educational requirements for professional licensure in their country. Students should also note that additional requirements for licensure, other than education, may apply. Students should contact the appropriate licensing agency/board within their country for information to assist in making such a determination.

This page is typically updated annually (in July) or when necessary in order to comply with legal requirements. For questions about professional licensure disclosures, contact us at