Academic Administration

Academic Administration empowers units across the Provost's Office through strategic guidance and integrated administrative support.

About Us

Academic Administration provides leadership and strategic guidance through resource allocation and alignment, business analyses, modeling, project management, partnership development, and communications.

The office also manages the administrative, budget, and personnel operations for the Office of the Provost and the offices for which it has direct oversight.

How We Support Students

  • Ensure efficient allocation of financial resources, allowing for affordable tuition fees, financial aid opportunities, and scholarships that support students
  • Assist in the student hiring process for on campus work-study, part-time employment, and other student assignments
  • Shepherd academic initiatives and projects affecting students to enhance the student learning experience

How We Support Faculty

  • Optimize allocation of financial resources, ensuring that faculty have the necessary funding and resources for their academic endeavors
  • Ensure faculty job postings and applications are managed efficiently and faculty evaluation and promotion policies are transparent and fair
  • Provide streamlined operational support to keep university projects that impact faculty on track

Learn More About Our Resources and Services


Discover how our team can help optimize your unit’s financial resources and budget for enhanced financial health.

Contact Tammy Etter, Director of Budget Operations, Office of the Provost.


Seek support in faculty and staff job creation and posting, the job application process, or faculty evaluation and promotion policies and procedures.

Contact Kim Ford, Director of Personnel Operations, Office of the Provost.

Project Management and Operations

Explore project management solutions and streamlined operational support to keep your university project or initiative moving forward.

Contact Kaithlyn Kayer, Director of Project Management and Operations, Office of the Provost.

Strategic Finance and Planning

Learn how thoughtful financial planning and resource allocation can help achieve your unit's strategic goals.

Contact Stephen McWilliams, Assistant Vice President for Academic Finance and Planning, Office of the Provost.


Ensure the success of your project or initiative by leveraging our communications team to facilitate seamless information flow and engagement across the administrative units of the Provost's Office.

Contact Pam Shepherd, Director for Communications, Office of the Provost.