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For Department Chairs

Strong departmental leadership is vitally important to George Mason University.

The responsibilities covered by departmental leaders cover the gamut of operations in the academic environment.

Department heads:

  • Oversee teaching quality
  • Maintain and modify applicable educational programs
  • Promote faculty governance
  • Evaluate and support faculty performance
  • Monitor budgets
  • Manage staffing
  • Provide input and suggestions to deans, directors, and the academic community.

George Mason University acknowledges and honors the hard work involved in the tasks of department leaders.


Department Leader Rosters:

College of Education and Human Development
Title/Unit Name Email Phone
Interim Dean, College of Education and Human Development Robert Baker rbaker2 3-2004
Division Director, Advanced Professional Teacher Development and International Education Rebecca Fox rfox 3-4123
Division Director, Child, Family, and Community Engagement Julie Kidd jkidd 3-8325
Division Director, Education Leadership Farnoosh Shahrokhi fshahrok 3-2009
Division Director, Educational Psychology, Research Methods, & Education Policy Michelle Buehl mbuehl 3-9175
Division Director, Elementary, Literacy, and Secondary Education Amy Hutchison ahutchi9 3-2166
Division Director, Learning Technologies Nada Dabbagh  ndabbagh 3-4439
Interim Director, PhD in Education and Human Development Sheri Berkeley sberkele 3-9689
Director, School of Kinesiology Amanda Caswell aalleni 3-9914

Interim Director, School of Sport, Recreation, and Tourism Management

Laurence Chalip lchalip 3-5061
Division Director, Special Education and disAbility Research Pamela Baker pbaker5 3-1787


College of Health and Human Services
Title/Unit Name Email Phone
Dean, College of Health and Human Services Germaine Louis glouis 3-1918
Chair, Global and Community Health Carolyn Drews-Botsch cdrewsbo  
Chair, Health Administration and Policy P.J. Maddox pmaddox 3-1982
Chair, Nutrition and Food Studies Larry Cheskin lcheskin 3-6264
Interim Chair, Rehabilitation Science Rose Higgins rhiggin 3-1952
Director, School of Nursing Martha Kubik mkubik  
Chair, Social Work Emily Ihara eihara 3-2023


College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Title/Unit Name Email Phone
Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences Ann Ardis aardis 3-8720
Director, African and African American Studies Program Mark Hopson mhopson 3-4414
Chair, Communication Anne Nicotera anicoter 3-1090
Chair, Criminology, Law and Society James Willis jwillis4 3-4387
Director, Cultural Studies Roger Lancaster rlancast 3-2851
Chair, Economics Daniel Houser dhouser 3-4856
Chair, English Debra Lattanzi Shutika dshutika 3-1170
Director, Global Affairs Courtney Hughes Rinker  chughe13 3-1441
Director, Higher Education Daniel Chen pchen23 3-6363
Chair, History and Art History Matthew Karush mkarush 3-1250
Director, Individualized Study Kurt Lazaroff klazarof 3-4572
Interim Director, Interdisciplinary Studies Ben Gatling bgatling 3-1160
Interim Director, Latin American Studies Lisa Breglia lbreglia 3-9185
Director, Middle East and Islamic Studies Bassam Haddad bhaddad 3-5802
Chair, Modern and Classical Languages Rei Berroa rberroa 3-1228
Chair, Philosophy Rachel Jones rjones23 3-3431
Chair, Psychology Keith Renshaw krenshaw 3-5128
Chair, Religious Studies Abdulaziz Sachedina asachedi 3-5449
Interim Director, Russian and Eurasian Studies Steven Barnes sbarnes3 3-5422
Director, School of Integrative Studies Kelly Dunne kdunne 3-1454
Chair, Sociology and Anthropology Amy Best abest 3-1426
Interim Director, Women and Gender Studies Tamara Harvey tharvey2 3-1160


College of Science
Title/Unit Name Email Phone
Dean, College of Science Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm  fmiralle 3-1362
Chair, Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Earth Sciences Jim Kinter ikinter 3-5773
Chair, Biology Geraldine Grant ggrant1 3-1031
Chair, Chemistry and Biochemistry Gerald Weatherspoon grobert1 3-1456
Chair, Computational and Data Sciences Jason Kinser jkinser 3-3785
Chair, Environmental Science and Policy Alonso Aguirre aaguirr3 3-7590
Director, Forensic Science Mary Ellen O'Toole motoole2 3-5059
Chair, Geology and Geoinformation Science Dieter Pfoser dpfoser 3-6029
Director, Advanced Biomedical Sciences Programs (GeorgeSquared) Bill Hahn whahn2 3-7054
Director, Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience Saleet Jafri sjafri 3-8420
Chair, Mathematical Sciences David Walnut dwalnut 3-1478
Chair, Physics and Astronomy Paul So paso 3-4377
Director, School of Systems Biology Iosif Vaisman ivaisman 3-8431
Executive Director, Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation Cody Edwards cedward7 3-4564


College of Visual and Performing Arts
Title/Unit Name Email Phone
Dean, College of Visual and Performing Arts Rick Davis rdavi4 3-8624
Interim Director, Arts Management Bill Reeder wreeder 3-9069
Director, Computer Game Design Sang Nam snam5 3-4362
Director, Film and Video Studies Cynthia Fuchs cfuchs 3-3287
Director, School of Art Hasan Elahi helahi 3-8898
Director, School of Dance Karen Reedy kreedy 3-9767
Director, School of Music Linda Monson lmonson 3-5082
Interim Director, School of Theater Kevin Murray kmurra3 3-2195


Honors College


Name Email Phone
Dean, Honors College Zofia Burr zburr 3-1110
Associate Dean, Honors College Jan Allbeck jallbeck 3-1101
Assistant Dean, Honors College Andy Hoefer ahoefer 3-2918


INTO Mason
Title/Unit Name Email Phone
Executive Director, INTO Mason Todd Rose trose2 3-2150
Academic Director Karyn Kessler kkessle3 3-5014

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution
Title/Unit Name Email Phone
Dean, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution Alpaslan Ozerdem aozerdem 3-1300
Director, Graduate Programs Thomas Flores tflores2 3-9409
Director, Undergraduate Programs Mara Schoeny mschoeny 3-9191


Schar School of Policy and Government
Title/Unit Name Email Phone
Dean, Schar School of Policy and Government Mark Rozell mrozell 3-8171
Program Director, Biodefense Greg Koblentz gkoblent 3-1266
Program Director, Government and International Politics Robert J. McGrath rmcgrat2 3-4567
Program Director, International Commerce and Policy Ken Reinert kreinert 3-8212
Program Director, International Security Ellen Laipson elaipson 3-4161
Program Director, Organization Development & Knowledge Management Tojo Thatchenkery thatchen 3-3808
Program Director, Political Science Mariely Lopez-Santana mlopezs1 3-9479
Program Director, Public Administration - Undergrad Robert J. McGrath rmcgrat2 3-4567
Acting Program Director, Public Administration - Master's Alan Abramson aabramso 3-8189
Program Director, Public Policy - Master's Bonnie Stabile bstabile 3-8566
Program Director, Public Policy - PhD Jim Olds jolds 3-3700
Program Director, Transportation Policy, Operations, and Logistics Laurie Schintler lschintl 3-2256


School of Business
Title/Unit Name Email Phone
Dean, School of Business Maury Peiperl mpeiperl 3-1880
Chair, Accounting JK Aier jaier 3-4546
Chair, Business Foundations Jackie Brown jbrown39 3-2598
Chair, Finance Alexander Philipov aphilipo 3-9762
Chair, Information Systems and Operations Management Nirup Menon nmenon 3-3723
Chair, Management Claus Langfred clangfre 3-9662
Chair, Marketing Saurabh Mishra smishra8 3-1880


Volgenau School of Engineering
Title/Unit Name Email Phone
Dean, Volgenau School of Engineering Kenneth Ball ball 3-1500
Chair, Bioengineering Michael Buschmann mbuschma 3-3564
Director, Computer Forensics and Data Analytics Bob Osgood rosgood 3-5443
Chair, Computer Science David Rosenblum dsr 3-1530
Acting Director, Cyber Security Engineering Duminda Wijeseker dwijesek 3-5030
Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering Monty Hayes hayes 3-1569
Interim Chair, Information Sciences and Technology Ozlem Uzuner ouzuner 3-5996
Chair, Mechanical Engineering Oscar Barton obarton2 3-4160
Chair, Sid and Reva Dewberry Dept. of Civil, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering Sam Salem osalem 3-1687
Chair, Statistics Jiayang Sun jsun21 3-4732
Chair, Systems Engineering and Operations Research John Shortle jshortle 3-3571