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Mason FACTs (Faculty Activity and Collaboration Tools)

Investments for Faculty

As George Mason University matures as a multifaceted public research university, the need to invest in systems that facilitate the work of our faculty, programs, and institution as a whole becomes more critical. We must be able to promote faculty expertise and academic programs to prospective students, various university stakeholders, and the broader community.

  • Technologies that simplify and streamline institutional processes:
    • Integration of faculty profiles on Mason websites
    • Facilitate the administrative process for unit and college reviews
    • Facilitate administrative compliance reporting for funders; federal and state agencies; and accreditation (institutional, college/school, and departmental/programmatic)
  • A searchable, faculty verified database that can assist in accessing and leveraging data for strategic purposes:
    • Facilitating faculty collaboration and partnerships
    • Identifying faculty achievements & accomplishments
    • Sharing stories of faculty excellence

What is Interfolio? 

Interfolio is an enhanced "faculty-first" higher education technology that offers a digital and holistic platform for faculty information. Interfolio supports the full lifecycle of faculty work and has proven the following:

► Experience and understanding of R1 university renewal, promotion, and tenure processes and accreditation 

► Capacity to satisfy institutional needs and uphold Mason's commitment to centric beta testing and associated assessments

► Ability to provide superior support throughout the planning, implementation, and maintenance phases 

Interfolio was selected through a competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) process, after demonstrating the above strengths. The RFP process involved campus representatives and stakeholders:

  • Research Council
  • Information Technology Services
  • Faculty & Faculty Senate
  • Communications and Marketing 
  • Office of the Provost
  • Human Resources and Payroll

“Faculty define the culture and intellectual climate of a campus. They drive research initiatives, grants, published works, and critical thinking. They are responsible for the success of current students and the influence of generations of alumni."


Renewal, Promotion & Tenure (RPT)

The Renewal, Promotion & Tenure (RPT) tool has the capacity to automate existing workflows and processes for faculty renewal, promotion and tenure into a unified content management system to streamline the RPT experience for both candidates and reviewers at all levels within one secure and configurable system.


Faculty-180 (F-180)

The Faculty-180 tool can collect, integrate and consolidate data around faculty activities and accomplishments into a single database to leverage faculty strengths across the institution, support faculty collaboration and partnerships, and to tell the story of Mason faculty strengths to a variety of stakeholders.


The Mason FACTs Advantage

For Faculty
Renewal, Promotion, & Tenure (RPT)
  • Paperless, secure and unified platform
  • Single submission of electronic materials
  • Due date reminders available
Faculty-180 (F-180)
  • Promotes scholarly networking and collaboration
  • Generates customizable CVs and bio-sketches
  • Offers single-source, faculty-verified online academic portfolio
  • Reduces the need to respond to multiple administrative requests
For Programs
Renewal, Promotion, & Tenure (RPT)
  • Efficient and consistent processing of multiple dossiers through multiple stages of review
  • Status tracking
  • Controlled review access
  • Configurable templates
Faculty-180 (F-180)
  • Promotes strategic and data-driven decisions
  • Integrates with faculty profiles on Mason website
  • Facilitates administrative reporting 
  • Reduces workload in managing programmatic accreditation (where applicable)
For Mason
Renewal, Promotion, and Tenure (RPT)
  • Automates existing workflow processes for RPT within a unified online content management system
  • Promotes RPT committee collaboration within one secure and configurable platform
  • Increases our ability to align and streamline our processes for both candidates and reviewers at all levels
Faculty-180 (F-180)
  • Collects, integrates, and consolidates data around faculty activities and accomplishments into a single faculty database
  • Enhances our ability to:
    • Leverage faculty strengths across the institution
    • Facilitate faculty collaborations and partnerships
    • Tell the story of our faculty strengths to a variety of stakeholders


Change Management Approach

FACTs change management approach