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Term Faculty Task Force

The Term Faculty Task Force convened in spring 2017 to explore the opportunities for career development for term faculty at Mason and to address their concerns and challenges. With term faculty making up a significant portion of full-time instructional and full-time research faculty, it is critical to create and maintain an environment that supports term faculty members’ work and contributions to Mason’s teaching and scholarly communities and its national reputation.

Mission & Charge: The Term Faculty Task Force is charged with identifying challenges and difficulties, as well as career development and advancement opportunities for term faculty, and generating recommendations to address those challenges and opportunities. 

Among the myriad issues related to the well-being of our term faculty, the task force should address such issues as compensation, release time, promotion, contract lengths, responsibilities and expectations, performance evaluation, and others as appropriate.

Fall 2018 Forum Video

The Term Faculty Task Force presented at a community forum on September 27, 2018. 

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Fall 2018 Forum Presentation Slides

The Term Faculty Task Force presented at a community forum on September 27, 2018. 

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Task Force Roster

Name Department Title Email
Kim Eby (co-chair) Faculty Affairs and Development Associate Provost keby1
John Cantiello* (co-chair) Health Administration and Policy Assistant Professor jcantiel
Karen Alcalde   Board of Visitors (BOV) representative  
Laurence Bray* Bioengineering Associate Chair lbray2
Brian Fitzpatrick* English Assistant Professor bfitzpa2
Al Fuertes* School of Integrative Studies Associate Professor afuertes
Michelle Lim HR and Payroll HR Faculty Initiatives Manager mlim1
Joseph Marr* Computational and Data Sciences Associate Professor jmarr2
Cindy Parker* Management Assistant Professor cparker8
Keith Renshaw Psychology Associate Professor krenshaw
Larry Rockwood Biology Chair and Professor lrockwoo
Ellen Rodgers College of Education and Human Development Associate Dean erodger1
Girum Urgessa Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering Associate Professor gurgessa
* denotes term faculty member