ADVANCE Partnership
ADVANCE to Success
ADVANCE to Success

The ADVANCE program will increase graduation rates among transfer students and smooth the path to a degree while saving students time and money. It will work in collaboration with Northern Virginia employers to adapt and create high-demand programs to fill the region’s critical workforce needs.

With community colleges now offering comprehensive general education, the approach to obtaining an undergraduate degree is more flexible. Mason is advancing our partnership with Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) to help students get the most out of their college experience.

ADVANCE: A NOVA-Mason Partnership

Students: Please visit our ADVANCE website to learn more about enrolling.

  • Minimizing Credit Loss
  • Coordinated enrollment and financial aid
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Eliminate transfer and transcript barriers for students
  • Early access to Mason activities and services for NOVA students participating in ADVANCE
  • Accelerating career opportunities built on NOVA and Mason's distinguished reputations
  • Beginning at ADVANCE enrollment, students receive dedicated support beginning freshman year at NOVA, and carrying through to graduation from Mason.
Dedicated to Student Success

Students are the priority in the ADVANCE program which is centered around building a seamless transfer experience for NOVA students to Mason.