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Mason Impacts Students; Students Impact the World

You want to blaze trails, to make your mark. Mason Impact puts you on a path to develop the knowledge, tools, and skills to lead the pack, not follow it. 

The Mason Impact offers a bold and challenging approach to academics, preparing you to tackle global questions and issues. You'll look at your studies with a different perspective. There are four areas of focus:

University Scholar Sameen Yusuf developed a low-cost analyzer that measures oxygen concentration in neonatal incubators. Yusuf wrote the software that reads the output and displays it on an LCD screen.

  • Research and Creative Activities: You aren't content to just hit the books; you want to create new knowledge through research, ingenuity, and imagination.
  • Community Engagement and Civic Learning: You're passionate about working to generate social change, whether in a small community, the nation, or the world. 
  • Entrepreneurship: You see a problem as an opportunity to discover a solution, start a business, or create a prototype.
  • Global Activities: Your vision isn't limited to what you see; you're ready to leap beyond borders, to expand your knowledge, to become a true citizen of the world.

By completing a Mason Impact Project, you will be tackling a global question and may be eligible to receive funding to do so.

We'll treat you like a professional researcher, because with our help, you'll be one. If your research topic qualifies, you might get funding for your project.

And when you graduate, you'll get a special notation on your transcript, telling the world about your accomplishments. 

Are you up to the challenge?

Talk with Us

The Mason Impact team is part of the Office of Undergraduate Education. We are located on the Fairfax Campus in the Johnson Center, room 228. We're adjacent to the Gateway Library.

Contact us via e-mail or call 703-993-3794.

Send mail to:

Undergraduate Education

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