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Summer Team Impact Grants

Mason Impacts Students. Students Impact the World.

The Office of the Provost is excited to offer Summer Team Impact Projects grants for Summer 2020.

These project grants, managed by the Office of Undergraduate Education and OSCAR, fund summer team projects based around a central theme, a research question or problem. Projects that are multidisciplinary by nature are strongly encouraged. These projects will be led by at least two faculty members with support from additional faculty members and/or doctoral students.  The faculty team, with support from OSCAR, will hire six to ten undergraduate students to actively engage with the project throughout the summer. Proposals are due December 2, 2019. Deadline has been extended to Wednesday, December 4, 2019.

Student Information

You will have the opportunity to learn to tackle a global question or challenge, to work independently and on a team. You will contribute to the creation an original scholarly project and communicate your findings.

Interested in participating in a Summer Team Impact Project?:

  • Information is available on the "Recruitment Information" tab above. 
  • Positions will be posted on Handshake in February of each year. 
  • Faculty awards are also posted on this website in January. You may reach out to a faculty recipient to indicate your interest.


Faculty Information

Faculty will have the opportunity to work with a colleague and a hand-picked group of students on a question, challenge, or topic, of personal and professional interest. The students can advance your research, investigate a potential new avenue, or explore a data source you haven’t been able to tackle. You are welcome to publish or present the results of the students’ projects (with their co-authorship) beyond Mason, and you’ll receive a stipend for your efforts!

The Office of Undergraduate Education will meet with the accepted faculty in January (to go over the program goals and student recruitment), and in April to go over the project timelines share resources for a successful project. We will also be available to provide assistance with proposals for external funding based on the projects.

Recruitment Information

The Office of Undergraduate Education will do the following:

Post a description of all accepted projects on the student page with a link to your application
Post the projects as positions on HireMason
Tweet the projects

You are responsible for additional recruiting and for choosing your students. You can recruit students by:

Sending fliers to faculty teaching related courses
Sending information to departmental listservs in related areas
Talking to interested students!
Using social media to recruit.
Fliers in the JC and student buildings

Student participating in a semester in Paris-just one of the many programs offered by Mason's Global Education Office. It's possible to participate in Mason Impact abroad! Contact the Office of Undergraduate Education or your advisor for details.

Application Instructions for Faculty:

To apply for the Summer Team Impact Project grant, each team must include in a single PDF file the following elements:

  1. Project description (200 words)
  2. Acknowledge that you have read and agree to the important additional considerations outlined here
  3. Budget (template is embedded in the submission form-for example of what you will see click “Budget”)
  4. Position Description for the student researchers (to be posted on Handshake)
  5. Narrative of no more than four pages that addresses the following questions:
  • Overview of the central question and project
  • Timeline (Include the first week student boot camp)
  • Enrichment Activities for the participating students
  • Student Recruitment Plan (How are you going to find and recruit the student participants?)
  • Uniqueness of Project (If you have received funding for a previous Summer Team Impact Project, please tell us how this project differs.)


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