Summer Team Impact Grants

Mason Impacts Students. Students Impact the World.

Summer Team impact Projects

Summer Team Impact Projects tackle global questions and challenges within all three areas of Mason impact.  Faculty present a question to a team of undergraduate students who work throughout the summer to create a solution and then present their findings, their action plan, or their prototype to the Mason community.

Student Information

You will have the opportunity to learn to tackle a global question or challenge while working on a team. You will contribute to the creation of an original scholarly work that can change our understanding of the world, change a community, or develop a prototype..

Interested in participating in a Summer Team Impact Project:

  • Summer projects are announced in January, if you see an interesting project listed later on this page, reach out to one of the faculty on the team and share your interest.
  • In February, the position descriptions for all of the summer teams will be listed on Handshake.  Apply to the teams that interest you.


Faculty Information

Faculty will have the opportunity to work with colleagues and a team of undergraduate students on a question, challenge, or topic, of personal and professional interest. The undergraduate students can advance your current research, investigate a potential new research avenue, or work with a community identified project. You are welcome to publish or present the results of this work (with the student's co-authorship) beyond Mason, and you’ll receive a stipend for your efforts!

The Office of Undergraduate Education will meet with the accepted faculty in January to go over the program goals and student recruitment, and again in April to go over the summer timeline and share resources for a successful project.

Enslaved Children of George Mason
Enslaved Children of George Mason

Students look through the archives at Gunston hall researching the enslaved children of George Mason as part of a Summer Team Impact Project.

Photo credit:
Photo credit
Evan Cantwell/Creative Services