Charting the course for success: Building the roadmap to Mason’s future with Salesforce Education Cloud


Picture this: you’re planning a cross-country road trip and you need to know where you’re kicking off your journey before mapping out the best route forward.

As the team responsible for the strategy and management of project activities, the Salesforce Project Management Office (PMO) is doing something similar to prepare for George Mason University’s journey to Salesforce Education Cloud. Project members are looking closely at how Mason currently uses technology to interact with students to pave the way for a smooth transition to a new system, which will transform how Mason connects with students in the future. 

Much like using a compass to stay on course during a journey, the Salesforce PMO has enlisted the expertise of unit liaisons and teams across the university to serve as project guides. Individuals were selected by their leadership to represent user communities at Mason impacted by the transition to Salesforce Education Cloud, and will serve as the bridge between the Salesforce PMO and university stakeholders.

“As one of several unit liaisons, it is my responsibility to ensure that colleagues within my unit remain informed and actively engaged with the ongoing work of the Salesforce project. This structure allows information to be quickly shared among team members and has led to some of the early successes we’ve realized, especially as they relate to the initial blueprint validation sessions to examine the Salesforce technology landscape, which brings Mason subject matter experts together with our partners at Accenture to provide a high-level overview of how we use and interact with Salesforce from multiple perspectives.”
                                            - Andrew Bunting, Executive Director of Enrollment Services

The group’s current task is to conduct discussion sessions—referred to as “Blueprint Validation” sessions—to capture how units operate and engage with students through their systems, address roadblocks they face, and identify alternate routes for improvement. The insights gathered during these sessions will be instrumental in shaping the roadmap for how Mason will use technology to connect with students in the future. 

Unit liaisons will be actively involved as expert guides along the Salesforce PMO’s road to success, driving toward the singular goal of designing an engaging, personalized, and efficient educational journey for every Mason student. 


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